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1. What kind of products do you work with? We work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, leather or nylon and occasionally we source textiles/clothing products, jewelry, or chemicals.

2.Is China the only country you source from?
China, with it's vast industrial base and low cost labor is the primary country we source from.

3.Do you have a catalog of your products and manufacturers available?
We do not maintain a catalog in printed form of the products we have worked with, or provide a list of the many thousands of manufacturers in China.In addition, we have sourced products for some of our customers that are proprietary and/or patented and they do not want their sources made public knowledge.

4.How long have you been in business?
Since 2000.

5.How long does it take to get a quote?
On average about 2-3 days after our people in China received all information on your product.

6.Do you have a minimum order amount?
The minimum order value is subject to negociation.The minimum order value varies from factory to factory and can
be more, depending on setup costs and production run values.

7.Can you provide complete products with our custom packaging?
Yes, we often provide product with custom packaging.We've sourced product packed in individual blister packs (plastic clamshell with full color cardboard insert), in boxes with full color artwork and in custom boxes.We can
provide plastic, metal or hardwood cases made from woods like walnut, rosewood or maple that the individual products can be packed in to provide value added sales appeal.

8.Once I place my order how long will it take before I receive the shipment?
For the 1st run of a new product manufacturers need 10-15 days to produce any molds or fixtures necessary for the production process.(The average is 1/2 month when molds are involved.)After the molds/tooling are made it can take another 10-25 days to make the production run, depending on the complexity of the product and order quantity. (The average is 30 days).
Once your order is ready to ship you'll have sea and inland freight transit time. For repeat orders or for product the factory is already making it will take less time as the production tooling is already made; the factory can start making your parts as soon as their production schedule allows.

9.Do you sign non-disclosure agreements with your customers?
Yes, upon request we sign non-disclosure agreements.We do not provide them - these are provided by the customer or the customer's attorney.

10.What are the total costs involved in importing?
In addition to the cost of the product, you will have the following:
1. Customs duty. This is your country's tax on imported product see tatric system.
2. Our commission,negociable for each order, which is invoiced separately.
3. TVA.
4. Inssurence 0,4% from value.
5. The shippment to your destination ( ussually Constanta,Romania ), will be negociated on the date that you schedule for delivery at the lowest price on the market.

11.How do your company make money on this?
We charge a 5-7% commission on the value of every shipment that is shipped from China thorugh us.There is no charge for us to locate a factory for your product and provide you with a quote, other than the Dhl/FedEx cost to send you samples to or from China.

12.Do we contact you every time we place an order?
Yes, all orders are placed through us.

13.The payment will be accepted only in USD due to the banking Chinese system .

14.Methods of payment :

100% L/C, T/C 30%(downpayment)+70%(at delivery) .