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We helped companies of all sizes get their products made in China from quality Chinese manufacturers. We are an Romanian company based both in Romania and China as well, and we work with major trading groups in China . Our Chinese trade experts are able to provide immediate access to thousands of quality Chinese manufacturers.

Fast Quotes - Our China trade experts can locate fast the right Chinese manufacturer. Quality is 1st - We work only with the Chinese manufacturing companies with modern equipment and quality control procedures; and are also ISO/UE certified. You will get the lowest prices possible - We quote you China direct prices and you do the importing, saving wholesaler / middleman markup costs.

Custom products made to your specifications - Provide us a print, sample or picture of your product and we can get it made, assembly and custom packed . We work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, nylon or leather.

Many of our customers are first time importers - We guide you through the process of importing from China from start to finish.

Save your money and a lot of time.

Our China trade professionals negotiate lower prices.

No expensive time consuming trips.

No time wasted in finding the right Chinese manufacturing company.

Substantially lower tooling and/or mold costs.

Our experience in China trade helps you avoid the expensive mistakes that many first time importers make. Our relationships with China manufacturers mean you have a source you can trust.

We understand your needs and concerns of purchasing quality products that are made in China from reliable Chinese manufacturers. In addition to the factory's quality control processes, we offer you site inspections, your shipment will be inspected before leaving China and during manufacturing process. From raw castings to completely assembled and packed products, we have the experience in China trade to get your products made in China from the highest quality China manufacturer.

Our experience in developing products from print to part and bringing them to market successfully is a plus to you; we sometimes give our customers pointers on how to get a product line up and going and what pitfalls to avoid .We know that if you’re successful we’re successful, and we strive to build relationships with our customers for the long term .

We enjoy helping our customers succeed.