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Products China

We help companies of all sizes get their products made in China .To get your product made in China we need a print or sample of the product; any samples provided should be an exact representation of the your product as you want to buy it .Our people in China will then search for the right manufacturer to make your product; a process which can take up to 2 weeks .We would then provide you with a quote.
We have been helping our customers get their products made in China from reliable sources since 2000.

For more information, please contact us.

Furniture and interior decorations
Fully equipped hotel rooms, bathroom furniture, beds, sofas, armchairs, leather and textile, wood or pale, carpets, curtains, fabrics, linen.

Construction and appliances
Wooden interior exterior doors, oak parquet, bamboo, radiators,heaters, tiles, faience, lighting systems, interior decorations

IT ,stationery and office equipment
Stationery and office equipment, office supplies, promotional items, photo frames classic and digital, decorations, professional video surveillance systems.

Electronics,household and hobby
Objects household, garden,hobby, appliances, electronics, plastics, ceramics, glass, chemicals.

Green energy systems
Wind and solar systems for hot water and compact complex controllers, inverters, wind energy systems, solar boilers, collector or split system pressurized or unpressurized.