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What we do

1. Negotiating the best prices. Our Chinese native employers negotiate prices direct with the manufacturer. Because they are experienced professionals and Chinese nationals they can negotiate better prices than someone from a foreign country.

2. Working with the right factories. Some regions in China have older factories with outdated equipment and quality control processes; we know that and we are able to avoid it. We sourced from "New China" manufacturers who have up to date equipment and quality control processes, such as ISO/UE certifications. Our people in China are also visiting from time to time the factories to assess their capabilities.

3. Our relationships. In China "who you know" often determines whether you succeed or fail in business. This concept is so much a part of the Chinese business culture that they even have a name for it: guanxi. Guanxi takes
years of hard work, knowledge of the culture,trips to China and patience to develop and it's critical to do business there. We've been working with our contacts in China for years and have built our relationships on honesty, hard
work and trust.

4. Offering you China direct prices. Because you are the importer, you save money and avoid wholesale level markups.

5. Speed. Our people in China can find the right factory within days, when it would take a first time buyer many months.

6. Our Experience. We have years of experience taking products from print to production in China and know the pitfalls to avoid. Our experience means lower prices, faster response times and better suppliers. It is possible that you may receive
some defective parts (although we take many steps to avoid this) but we also know how to get this kind of problems resolved.

7. Helping you with the import process.We'll walk you through the complete process of importing.It's simple once you know the procedures involved.